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New Features in MassPlus v7.0

Perimeter Calculations (Outer and Inner if available)

Perimeter Sample

Fast Viewing for Multi-CPU systems

Shows equivalent AutoCAD Massprop terminology

User may compare MassPlus calculated values with AutoCAD's Region - Massprop calculations

Compare MassPlus with AutoCAD


Features in MassPlus v6.05


The current section being analyzed including the MassPlus generated centroidal axes and plastic neutral axes can be exported to another dwg or dxf file.

By default MassPlus appends "MP" to the current filename when creating the exported filename.

Export Section

Sample Export


Previous versions v6.00 - v6.04

MicroStation DGN

Dgn files from Bentley Systems / MicroStation files may now be viewed and converted to AutoCAD dwg/dwf files.

MassPlus can now calculate section properties from dgn files provided that they conform to the same drawing requirements for dwg/dwf files.

AutoCAD 2014

MassPlus now supports AutoCAD Drawings thru AutoCAD 2014

AutoCAD Regions are now supported.

Show Mesh

Displays the geometry of the section that MassPlus will analyze.  This provides visual confirmation of the section.  The mesh should match what the user wants analyzed.

Show Neutral Axes

Displays the neutral axes that divides the section into two equal areas.  The axes are in orange color.

Note: The Demo version may not show the correct placement of the neutral axes;  But the Centroidal Axes are always correctly shown.

Neutral Axes

Show Max Distance to Centroid

Displays a circle with the center at the centroid and a radius equal to the furthest point in the section. The circle is shown in magenta color.

Max Point from Centroid

Centroidal U-V and Reference X-Y axes

 Are displayed as in previous versions after calculation.

Centroidal Axes

Relative distances to Centroid

Distances to the centroid from the right-edge and top-edge of the section are now calculated.  Previously, only the distances from the left-edge and bottom-edge of the section were calculated.

Centroid Relative Distances

Plastic Section Modulus Zyy

Zyy is now calculated.  Previously, only Zxx was available.

Older features that have been retained