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Acad2Shapes Shape compiler, shape maker, and shape organizer for AutoCAD shape files.

Shape compiler for AutoCAD

Create up to 255 shapes per shape file!  One load, One compile!

Make shapes from existing drawings by copying and pasting into Acad2Shapes boxes!
Build shape libraries for your product lines or your personal use!

Drawing entities supported:

Download Acad2Shapes demo!

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Download Acad2Shapes Help PDF file!

Why use Acad2Shapes?
  • You can easily view all the shapes, insertion points, and their shape names by just opening the DXF file used to create it.   Print it and you have a document of all your shapes.
  • You can establish the scale of your shapes relative to each other by using different heights!
  • You can easily modify or create new shapes by editing the DXF file!  Then simply regenerate the shape file using Acad2Shapes and then recompile in AutoCAD!
  • Acad2Shapes is very easy to use!  The lisp function zbox is provided to zoom into any shape box.  The lisp function zname will zoom into the upper left hand corner to enter the shape name!  And of course, just enter any point within the shape box to define an insertion point!
  • You can organize your shapes into different DXF files!  For example, landscaping, plumbing, furniture, electrical, and so forth.

Also available from CSU - SlickView! and SlickViewPlus! Viewers;  View AutoCAD , cals g4, tiff, jpg, jedmics, plus over 200 file native formats.

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