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Download Page for Slick! ViewPlus v9.0, Slick! PdfPlus v9.0, , MassPlus  9.0

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Slick! ViewPlus v9.0

Easy to use software to view and batch print AutoCAD DWG, DWF, DGN, and DXF files thru AutoCAD 2014/Raster files/PDF.  Now supports 3D dwf, dwf embedded raster images, inventor dwfs, and GIF raster images. Now with Windows 7 support.

Slick! PdfPlus v9.0

All the features of Slick! ViewPlus 8.0 plus conversion to PDF and many raster file  formats including tiff, jpg, bmp, cals, and pdf raster. Export DGN to DWG/DXF. Now with Windows 7 / 10support. 

Note: High-resolution conversions are only available if you are using Windows 7/10

Please read this first before downloading files: 

Download and review the pre-installation document preinstl.txt file first from the menu below for important information before downloading the software. 

If you wish to purchase a software license after running Slick! in demo mode, contact CSU. Upon purchase, you will be furnished a serial number and authorization code. This will allow you to run the software without the demo restrictions and within the scope of the license agreement. 

No refunds will be accepted after the serial number and authorization code have been issued! 

If you have already purchased a license, you may install the downloaded software. Then simply enter your serial number and authorization code, and click on the "License" button. 

The downloaded software is a self-extracting .exe file. You may run it from the Windows Start - Run Menu. It will extract the software files to a directory on your harddisk and proceed to the Slick! configuration program. 

Documentation is available in Adobe Acrobat .pdf format. Viewing the pdf files require the Acrobat Reader v4.0 or higher. If you do not have the reader installed in your computer, it is available at no charge from the Adobe website. The following menu has a link to the site. 

Old Slick! files will no longer be available from CSU 

Download Menu 

Slick! for Windows Software Downloads

Slick! View and Slick! ViewPlus are the latest in the family of viewer products.  It is a powerful viewer for AutoCAD DXF and DWG files from Release 12 thru  AutoCAD 2017. 

These files are self-extracting installation files. 

They always contain the latest versions.

  • Slick! ViewPlus v9.0 DXF/DWG/DWF/Raster/PDF Viewer (5.2mb)  download
  • Slick! PdfPlus v9.0 DXF/DWG/DWF/Raster/PDF Viewer and Converter (5.8mb) download
  • ProductCompare.pdf


  • Slick! Compiled Help file for Slick! ViewPlus, and PdfPlus (29k) slickhelp_chm  Note: Compiled HTML Help Files (.chm) must be saved locally using "Save" before you can see the topics!  Simply Opening the file will not work! This is a Microsoft security requirement. 
Note: File sizes are enclosed in parentheses. 

MassPlus  9.0 for Windows Software downloads

  • MassPlus XG for Windows v9.0 (6.0mb)  download