“Versatile software and excellent customer support.” Tim VanderMey, Proton Design, Inc. 

More references on MassPlus:

"I originally found it by doing a Google search and I used it in the past 5 years and found it to be a very helpful tool to calculate properties of very complex shapes."  Alwyn McDowall, Skyline Steel,

"What a major upgrade!  This is a fantastic improvement.  I intend to upgrade right away." James K. Grant, James K Grant Associates Structural Engineers

"I recommend MassPlus v4.0 to each one who deals with properties of cross-sections.  It works very well with my IntelliCAD.  There is a quick email answering if you have any questions"  Theodore V., Civil Engineer, Greece

"I have tried some other software packages. The factors I consider before choosing the right package are cost, flexibility and complexity. Your software just fell in the right place with immediate CAD-linked feature, reasonable cost,and straight to the point – section properties software for section properties calculations without much complexity. You also gave me confirmation with your online one-user shape testing result which I think is an excellent service. Thank you. All the best."  Kwang Hui, Kong, Tasmanian Consulting Services Pty. Ltd., Tasmania, Australia.

"What a major upgrade!  This is a fantastic improvement.  I intend to upgrade right away." James K. Grant, James K Grant Associates Structural Engineers

"I was impressed with the quality of the results.  We passed along your results to the group involved in analyzing complicated extruded sections who could benefit a lot using your product." Gus Kreuzkamp, PE, Sr. Coastal Engineer, Applied Technology & Management, Inc.

"MassPlus allows us to analyze section properties exported from our CATIA-V4 CAD system.  This permits our stress group to refine section properties to meet structural requirements without consuming limited CATIA resources."   Michael Henderson, Design Manager, Aviation Partners Boeing.

"We use MassPlus v2.0 to help us evaluate and engineer proprietary aluminum extrusions which we use to design and manufacture Architectural Aluminum Composite building panels. MassPlus v2.0 saved us time and money in engineering and manufacturing.” Patrick Lafreniere - ASCT, Hampton Ventures, St. John’s, NL

"My MassPlus program is up and running.   I usually calculate the moment of inertia for about 4 to 5 shapes a week so this program will really save me time." Gene Rice, Engineering Manager, Signal Int. LLC

"I work in the glass and glazing industry and often need to develop custom aluminum shapes..  MassPlus is a quick and effective method for determining structural properties of complex shapes.  It is an invaluable tool for developing custom architectural shapes and quickly analyzing the structural properties."  Eric C. VanHorn, P.E., Engineering Manager, BCI, Inc.

"Thank you for the really cool software.  I am a design engineer (mechanical) and although I have other section properties programs available, yours gives the most accurate results and a nice list of properties as well."  Bob Woolston

"MassPlus has enabled us to become a highly competitive design/supplier of our curtain wall products." James Donoghue, Bendheim Wall Systems



"MassPlus is an essential tool in designing with extruded aluminum shapes. It is very simple & easy to use and affordable. I highly recommend"

David R. Pfeiffer, PE, PSE

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