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Massplus 9.0

released 5/3/2019  build 9.04

  • improved perimeter calculations for complex shapes

released 4/24/2019 build 9.03

  • fixed MassPlus results window to show buttons to save to csv and dxf

released 4/10/2019

  • option to save section mesh to dxf; helps in analyzing errors in meshing

  • option to save calculated axes and section properties to dxf

  • improved Files / Folder interface

  • improved viewing of AutoCAD DWG and Microstation DGN files

MassPlus 7.40

released 7/1/2018

  • improved support for polylines, and polyarcs

MassPlus v7.30

released 3/16/2015

  • critical fixes

  • fixed crash on a few drawings when the auto-explode option is turned on

  • improved support for complicated splines

  • added support for unexploded polyline arcs

  • viewing improvements 

MassPlus v7.28

released 12/15/2014

  • Fixed mpwin.lsp autolisp file when interfacing with AutoCAD in a 32-bit Windows system

  • Added 90 degree CW and CCW rotation when viewing drawings

  • Improved setup for lisp files.  Support files are now in a separate folder in the Programs File MassPlus folders.  Just add a path to this folder in the AutoCAD Support Files Search Path using the Options command.

MassPlus v7.25

released 10/6/2014

  • Fixed print and batch print orientation when using Windows Print Setup

MassPlus v7.2

released 8/4/2014

  • Fixed print preview on layouts

  • Fixed center the plot on layouts

MassPlus v7.0

released 04/29/2014

  • Perimeter outside and inside (if available) calculations

  • Faster display of dwgs for multi-core cpus

  • Improved CSV output

  • AutoCAD MassProp Equivalent Values to MassPlus Values shown

  • Free evaluation version (no expiration)

MassPlus XG for Windows v6.0

released 08/21/2013 build 6.0.5a

  • faster installation

  • minor fixes

released 06/09/2013 build 6.0.5

  • Export analyzed shape with centroidal axes to dwg/dxf file

released 05/26/2013 build 6.0.3

  • Improved Layer Dialog for turning drawing layers On / Off

released 05/16/2013 build 6.0.1

  • now views MicroStation dgn drawings and converts to AutoCAD dwg/dxf files

  • support for AutoCAD 2014 drawings 

released 12/16/2012

  • support for AutoCAD regions

  • viewing and calculation improvements

released 11/7/2012;

  • mesh view, maximum distance from section to  centroid; neutral axes display; Zyy

MP Graphics  Mesh

MassPlus XG for Windows v5.0

build 5.51

released 3/14/2012

-improved accuracy of plastic section modulus

-performance updates

build 5.5

released 1/2/2012

-faster viewing

-improved mouse wheel interface for zooming and panning

-improved print preview

-open most recently used (MRU) files interface

-zip file now includes autolisp script and lisp codes

-if you receive a Program Compatibility message from Windows 7 saying "Program might not have installed correctly", just click on "This program installed correctly"

build 5.2

 released August 24, 2011

-fixed problems with creating temporary files on Windows 7 machines

build 5.1

released July 14, 2011

-improved Windows 7 and Windows 10 compatibility

build 5.0

initial release

MassPlus XG for Windows v4.0

build 4.3 L

released April 24, 2011

-demo version now shows accurate values for area, x and y centroid, moment of inertia on X-axis, product of inertia thru drawing origin, and radius of gyration about X-axis of drawing origin

released April 21, 2011

build 4.3 J

-improved support for IntelliCAD and other AutoCAD compatible software

-now automatically bypasses all unsupported entities

build 4.3d

released May 30, 2010

-improved filtering for extraneous entities

released Feb 28, 2010

build 4.3 critical update; free to all 4.0 users

-checks for redundancy and invalid entities

released January 13, 2010

-support for AutoCAD 2010

-3D views and shading

MassPlus XG for Windows v3.3

released 02/14/2009

-improved accuracy

released 12/4/2008

-batch printing to scale

-additional error messages when temporary files cannot be created

released 5/24/2008

-calculates moments of inertia at the principal axes (u,v)

-calculates moments of inertia at the rotated axes passing thru drawing origin

-calculates product of inertia for u,v axes

MassPlus XG for Windows v3.1

released 4/07/2008

-now automatically explodes blocks and polylines into lines, arcs, and circles; this is the default which is recommended; user may turn this option off

-displays principal axes of rotation at the centroid in red; this provides visual confirmation if MassPlus has correctly analyzed the drawing section;  also displays the reference x and y axes.

Click here for more information on MassPlus v3.1 for Windows.

MassPlus Standard v2.3 (requires AutoCAD or compatible software)

released 05/16,2010

-version 2.3

-licensing improvements

released 02/14/2009

-improved accuracy

released 6/6/2008

-now allows saving of dxf file created from entities selected in AutoCAD for later use.  For example, as input to MassPlus v3.1

Click here for more information on MassPlus Classic v2.1 for Windows.

MassPlus LT for Windows v2.0 (discontinued)

Click here for more information on MassPlus LT for Windows.