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Slick! PdfPlus v9.0 released February 20, 2019

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“My employer frequently processes jobs that come with huge discs full of C4-format drawings, and up until now that has meant a complicated, multi-step procedure to turn those odd-format drawings into nice clean PDFs we can work with.  

SlickPdfPlus makes that nightmare into a batch operation I can run once and convert in a single pass, saving time and overhead. 

We bought it for that issue alone, but the other formats it handles look like a winner for problems yet to come.  Fully flexible, low cost, and with great customer service...Thanks SLICK!”   ~Andy B.  04/05/2016


  • View and print AutoCAD dwg, dxf, dwf, dwfx, MicroStation dgn, and many raster file formats. Now supports AutoCAD 2013 and AutoCAD 2016 format
  • Batch comvert c4 government files to PDF!
  • Export MicroStation dgn to AutoCAD dwg, dxf
  • Export dgn, dwg, dxf to pdf
  • Export dgn, dwg, dxf to tif, png, jpg, bmp, and many other raster formats
  • Export dwg block attributes to csv
  • Batch export and batch printing

  • Fast DWG viewing on multi-core CPUs

  • Greatly improved batch printing capabilities

  • Improved Print dialog box

Download free 30-day demo version. More info on SlickPdfPlus.

Main Features:

  • Convert AutoCAD drawings from thru AutoCad 2017 to PDF vector or PDF raster format and to a large number of raster formats including tiff, jpgs, bmp, cals, jedmics and more.  Batch conversion of drawings supported

  • runs under Windows XP/ 7 64-bit systems

  • Option to convert only want is shown on the display to pdf raster and other raster formats.

  • Conversion to PDF of selected layouts (modelspace, paperspace, all layouts)

  • Conversion to Black and White PDF now supported with v9.0

  • View AutoCAD drawings (dwg), Autodesk Mechanical drawings (.dwg), design web format (dwf), and drawing interchange files (dxf) files from R12 to 2014 and a wide variety of raster formats (tiff, jedmics, cals, png, jpg, etc),.

  • Batch printing of all supported files including PDF.  

  • Use as front-end to AutoCAD for opening drawings from SlickPdfPlus!

  • Display AutoCAD block attributes and export these to comma-delimited (CSV) files which can be opened by Excel.  Batch exporting supported including appending to existing file

  • If you have installed viewers available from SolidWorks (sldprt, slddrw, sldasm),  and Spatial Technologies ACIS (sat), you can use Slick! PdfPlus to launch these from the Slick! file windows.   Enhanced graphics display of supported raster formats.

  • Zoom window always active!  Just drag with your mouse and release to zoom in

  • Zoom extents by simply clicking on the right-mouse button!

  • Powerful dwg viewer and dwf viewer.  Easy to use! Simply double-click the file you wish to view from the Slick! directory and file window.

Slick! PdfPlus v9.0 other features:

  • support for GIF raster files

  • support for embedded raster images in DWF files

  • improved performance when navigating directory tree

  • resizeable file/directory window

  • New - windows default paper settings (size and orientation) may be overridden using Slick's paper settings

  • New - improved interface for searching for AutoCAD support files

  • fast viewing support for numerous raster formats including large format cals group 4, jedmics, tiffs, bmps, jpgs, and more

  • print to black

  • print preview

  • print date and time stamp

  • expandable directory tree

  • filenames always present for ease in file selection for viewing

  • double-click or hold down the mouse middle-button to pan around the image

  • use mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the drawing

  • affordable per enduser license price of $99.  Slick! ViewPlus is priced at $79.

Slick! PdfPlus is one of the most powerful dwg viewer and converter available in the market!

dwf viewer dwg viewer batch print

Looking for a powerful dwg viewer and converter, look no further.  Click here to download a free 15-day trial copy of SlickPdfPlus.  

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