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SlickViewPlus 9.0

released 02/20/2019

  • support for AutoCAD 2017

  • improved display of dwf files

  • improved display of dgn files

SlickViewPlus v8.0

released 09/25/2018

  • improved user interface

  • bug fixes

released 05/15/2018

       Support for the latest version of AutoCAD 

       Improved viewing of Microstation DGN files 

       New Front-End Interface; Option to Open / Close Slick’s Files Window 

       Removes masks on dimensions when printing to black and white 

       Saves last window size and position of Files and Graphics windows 

SlickViewPlus v7.0

released 07/19/15  build version 7.34

  • fixed problem with printing drawing borders

  • fixed intermittent problem with printing formatted text

released 06/15/2015 build version 7.32

  • fixed intermittent problem on opening dwg and other files from Windows Explorer using the OpenWith option

  • fixed interemittent problem with opening dwg files inside a zip file

released 05/13//2015 build version 7.31

  • Viewing improvements

released 10/26/2014 build version 7.30

  • Option to rotate the drawing view 90 degrees CW or CCW

released 10/6/2014 build version 7.25

  • Fixed print orientation when using Windows Print Setup

released 8/14/14 build version 7.2

Fixed problems encountered after changing model / paperspace layouts

  • centering the plot

  • center the plot option now saved to registry

  • missing zoom window rectangle

  • print / print preview

released 1/15/2014  build version 7.1

  • up to 3X faster loading and viewing of DWGs for systems with multi-core CPUs; saves time when viewing large AutoCAD dwgs.

  • improved Page Layout for print Landscape/Portrait orientation

  • improved Microstation DGN viewing

  • option to align text for corrupted DXF files

  • improved menu interface for batch operations

  • improved installation for Windows 7, Vista, XP

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